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A Bohème that's traditional? ... but not?

We are gearing up for another season and we have a our focus on our first Bohème premiering on October 27th. My challenge: to create something new but traditional. The great thing about working with a pool of talented and professional artists is that they bring a lot of ideas and creativity to the table. These DLO productions just seem to organically become their own beings and to watch it, is nothing more than a little miracle.

There is no question that budget and resources are not always in our favour and we rely a lot on community support, but that is what makes each one of these concerts and operas so special. We have no choice but to think outside of the box.

Take a look at what our friend Florian Felix Koch from Pathos Film made for us as a trailer. With this as our guide, we will create the concept and let this Bohème LIVE!

(To see more of Florian's work go to his website www.pathosfilm.de)

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