Düsseldorf Lyric Opera e.V. (Düsseldorf-VR Nr. 11411)

About the DLO:


Founded more than three years ago, the Düsseldorf Lyrik Opera e.V. association, based in Bilk, has set itself the task of bringing together talented artists from the fields of opera, operetta, musical and ballet. Here the artists are offered the possibility of continuing education in the form of training courses, workshops and master classes.

The result is shown every month in the so-called Spotlight concerts at Salzmann-Bau in Bilk.

In addition, every year a major production of a well-known opera takes place, which is performed within Dusseldorf.

All our events are financed by the association Dusseldorf Lyric Opera e.V. This generates its income exclusively from the sale of tickets for the individual concerts, but at the same time relies on donations. Without these grants, successful project execution is not guaranteed.

Düsseldorf Lyric Opera e.V.

Aachener Str. 97
40223 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0152 0341 7480



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